Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Punching people In The face | Ranker Supercuts

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a rock solid punch!

Whether your a fan of Dwayne Johnson for his wrestling days, or his step onto the silver screen as one of the top action movie leads of today - one thing is for certain - you're a fan of The Rock. Now, at a solid 260 pounds, it's no surprise that The Rock is meant for fight scenes, which has resulted in one particular trope in his movies - Punching people in the face. Nearly every movie that The Rock is in has a scene of him punching people in the face, and we here at Ranker Supercuts found them all (and organized them by the amount of face punches in each film)! This might just be the ultimate Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson supercut online. 

So, join us as we... knock out... all of the times Dwayne Johnson hits people in the face in his movies! We're sure this one will be... smash hit!