Film character The Worst Horror Movie Heroes

Jacob Shelton
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As a rule, horror movie heroes are usually either cunning and brave, or they’re tasked with an unenviable quest that they take on for the good of humanity. Unfortunately for some horror films, their protagonists aren’t as up to snuff with the whole horror hero thing as they should be. Sometimes you want Ash, and you end up with Ashlee Simpson. The worst horror movie characters usually spend more time screaming than they do anything else, let alone fighting the forces of evil. And the characters who aren’t yelling for a full hour and a half are usually drab, one note characters who make increasingly terrible decisions.

Thankfully, the worst characters in horror movies are like bad pieces of cake. Sure, they’re terrible, but at least they’re cake. Even when they’re making terrible decisions you know that it’s highly likely that they’ll pay for their idiocy in blood. Unless it’s just a terrible horror film, and if that’s the case then you need to switch up your Netflix queue. Relive all your least favorite screams with these horrible horror heroes and If you haven’t seen a lot of these films, BEWARE! The spoilers on this list are as bountiful as ghosts in a graveyard as we count down the worst horror movie heroes.

Vote up the horror movie heroes who are the absolute worst, and if you’re screaming at your computer about a protagonist from a horror film that’s even worse the folks on this list – leave their name and idiocy in the comments.
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