TRENDING 7 Reasons Hatchimals (The #1 Toy in America) Are Completely Terrifying

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Hatchimals are the latest version in the long line of "must-have" toys like Cabbage Patch Kids, My Buddy dolls or Tickle Me Elmos, and they are the most terrifying ones yet. Furbies are already pretty disgusting, disturbing, weird, bird-like creatures that give you nightmares when their batteries start running out. Their voices get much lower, much slower, and they sound like when you hear tapes of real-life exorcisms, only coming from your closet out of nowhere when you're 25. 

Hatchimals flew off the shelves in the 2016 holiday season and would be available in early 2017, yet things aren't going so well for the little creatures who desire (and require) a weirdly human amount of actual love. Part of the reason is that they aren't manufactured very well. Another reason, probably, is that they're incredibly creepy in each and every way you can imagine - from how you have to open them, to how you take care of them, to the fact that they sleep, to the fact that they learn. I'll write the horror movie script right now. Or maybe it could be a thriller: Terminator: Hatchimal Generashyn

Here are the scariest things about the most popular toys in the world right now: Hatchimals. 

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