scifi 12 Unanswered Questions Season 2 of The OA Needs to Resolve

Kellen Perry
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It’s like Lost 2.0, but a whole lot weirder: The OA, Netflix’s thrilling, new-agey, interpretive dance-filled masterpiece, is inspiring the same level of intense scrutiny and fan theorizing as Lost, which is impressive, considering Season 1 of The OA is only eight episodes long. But each episode is jam-packed with hints, clues, and easter eggs, leaving behind a ton of unanswered questions Season 2 had better address.

Of the many, many questions about The OA, the one that looms largest is, “Did Prairie make it all up?” Your opinion about that big question will inform your opinion about most of the unanswered questions below. Vote up the questions you think Season 2 most needs to address.

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