30s Obscure Horror Movies from the '30s You Need to See  

Laura Allan
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Everyone has heard of classic horror movies from the '30s. That's when we first saw the rise of Dracula, Frankenstein, zombies, etc., and it's when horror movies really came into their own. But there's so much more to 1930s horror films than just those few you see on TV every Halloween. There was a time when censorship wasn't alive yet, so film makers did perverse and violent things with their scripts. There were remakes of classic stories from Poe and others that can still make your blood run cold even today.

Just because these lesser-known horror movies are obscure, doesn't mean they're not good - and scary. Two big names of the era, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, make regular appearances on this list, so be assured that you're still getting some quality horror acting here. Still other movies listed carry historical weight, or helped shaped horror movies as we know them today.

So, if you consider yourself a fan of obscure horror movies, prepare for some unsettling movies that you'll be simply dying to see. Just be prepared, even these old black and white films are bound to make you squirm.