The Most Useless US Vice Presidents Politicians

The Most Useless US Vice Presidents

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List Criteria: Vote up the vice presidents who accomplished the least during their tenures.

What person in their right mind would want a job that its holders have described as "not worth a bucket of warm piss," something that "is nothing, but may be everything," and "splendid misery?" Ask any of the 47 Vice Presidents of the United States. It was a position that initially had absolutely no responsibilities other than breaking ties in the Senate, and stepping in for the President should he die. And when that actually happened, it wasn't clear if the vice president was ACTUALLY the president. 

Such a position is ripe for uselessness, lack of accomplishment, abuse of "power," and general embarrassment. Some vice presidents did their minuscule duties quietly and efficiently. Others had short and useless terms because they either assumed the presidency after a quick death, or themselves died quickly. But a select few have been utter fiascoes - politicians who not only accomplished nothing, but actively damaged the presidents they were serving under, joining the ranks of the worst vice presidents in American history.

A trawl through the most useless vice presidents finds a little of every type of embarrassment. Treason? Check. Scandal? Lots of it. Utter inability to do their job? Constant. Being kept out of the loop of major decisions? Virtually all of them. Bringing humiliation on the Executive Branch? Oh, yes. And even a murder! You'll find them all among the most useless vice presidents in US history.
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