The Most Underrated College Football Player Football Players (American)

The Most Underrated College Football Player

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The most underrated college football players are the unsung heroes that help their NCAA Football teams achieve great things but do so without the mainstream attention paid to other players. (click here for the hottest college female athletes.) You won't see these guys on the short lists for the Heisman Trophy or among the names on the lists of the best college football players but it's certainly not because they are not deserving.

These college football players are some of the brightest and most talented in the sport but for one reason or another don't get the same glitz and glamor of others. Some play for lesser known teams, such as Northern Illinois Huskies quarterback Chandler Harnish, who threw for 8,670 yards for 66 touchdowns in his first three years, or Stedman Bailey, a senior wide receiver for the West Virginia Mountaineers who leads the team with an average of 17.9 yards per catch.

Others are simply a great among greats and are overshadowed by stronger players on their team or division. Washington Huskies quarterback Keith Price falls into that category. As of October, Price ranked second in the country with 21 touchdown passes but with other amazing players such as 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III, Kellen Moore and Andrew Luck, Price's name is rarely mentioned.

Each of these players are talented and help their respective college football team even without the media praise that other players receive. They don't play their hearts out for the attention, they play it because they love the game and want to succeed. That makes them not only the most underrated college football players in the game today but it also makes them local heroes that give the fans of their teams something to cheer about. That self sacrifice with little reward is pretty darn respectable.
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