TRENDING 25 Laws That Make America a Better Place

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List Rules The laws on this list are ordered by the dates they went into effect.

Laws are often monumental in helping to heal the world. These are some of the best ideas that helped to make the world a better place. Some of these laws were written when the United States was founded, other newer laws were put into place to repeal older ones. 

Some of the most important laws ever written were codified in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. Those first ten rules of law became the precedent for how all future laws would come about. It made the United States of America one of the most democratic places to live at the time. 

Later laws passed to ensure more rights to more people. Some laws that sought to exclude Americans were repealed. Minorities, women, the elderly, the impoverished, and young people, were unfairly targeted by certain laws that had existed. This list also looks at ways that these laws were overturned to make life better for more people. A few of these laws also expanded everyone's rights. One in particular is the repeal of prohibition, which extended everyone's right to party. Getting told what to do by the government is occasionally a bummer, but most of the time the benefits extended by these laws make the world a better place.
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