Politician The Hottest 2016 Presidential Candidates

Jessica Lawshe
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List Rules Judge each candidate from these photos taken at the peak of their hotness. Includes both candidates still in the race and those who dropped out.

The time to vote is now! For President of the United States? No, but kinda... For who you think are the hottest 2016 Presidential candidates. We scoured the Internet far and wide for the old pictures of the candidates on this list and now it's time to do your duty and vote! 

Sure, you might think running for president is all about politics, what side of the aisle you're on, and campaign strategy, but we all know that good looks can't hurt either. It's time to set aside the fact that you're a Republican or a Democrat, if you believe in gun control or if you're a NRA member, or if you think we need to have better border control, and focus on the real issue at hand: who topped the "hot" charts in their day. 

There are some bona fide lookers and hot politicians on this list of 2016 presidential candidates. Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul are definitely swoon-worthy. We're also kind of blushing over Rick Perry. The ladies are representin' too! Good work Hillary Clinton! There are also some "not-so-lookers." Sorry Rick Santorum... maybe you'll have better luck at the actual polls.

So scroll through, throw your personal politics out the window (this is all about looks), and exercise your inalienable right by voting for who you think is the hottest 2016 US Presidential candidate!
Collection Photo: Kay Nietfeld/picture-alliance