culture Guys Reveal Their Go-To Dating Moves  

Evan Lambert
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Ever wondered how some men manage to be so charming? So do they. As you'll gather from this collection of Reddit comments, there really isn't any rhyme or reason to how men approach their first dates. Every man has a different style - whether it's genuinely romantic or just straight up goofy. 
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Genuinely get to know them.

"Don't listen to what she's saying because you're trying to convince her you're a good listener; listen to what she's saying because you asked her a question and you want to hear the answer."
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Just be yourself.

"I've found that the sooner you can get in the mindset of two old friends catching up instead of two people being on a first date, the more relaxed you are and the more fun it is for them."
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Know your audience.

"I don't have a set of moves.

I don't have a meal I cook for every girl I want to impress.

I don't have a first date pattern or plan for every single first date.

People are different; relationships are dynamic and unique. You can't treat one person like the next."

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Don't be afraid to make some mistakes.

"I once accidentally did this thing where I took my glasses off and hung them to this girl's shirt, pulling down the neckline a little bit and exposing a small amount of cleavage. She said she was turned on by my forwardness and started blushing. We're married now. That being said, I didn't really plan to do anything seductive but I claimed it as soon as I figured out she liked it."
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Be memorable.

"I cut through the smalltalk with a specific topic and see if she can keep up. Like let's say I walk into a restaurant where she is already seated and I sit down. I'll say hi, etc, but then I'll be like 'Listen, I need your take on this hot dog sandwich fiasco because I think it should go to the Supreme court and be this generations Roe V Wade' and we're off to the races. Too often dates get stuck in the 'let me ask the most boring questions and then you ask them back to me' thing."
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Do super cute things together.

"Go feed some animals together. The squirrels in a park I know are friendly, if you're still they'll come up to your hand. I have a bag of rodent mix in my room at all times.

Although the park is actually a cemetery. Mostly I just like feeding squirrels.

Also, once a month there's a car boot sale near me. If the timing is right, it's great fun. I'm weirdly unhappy about paying for dinner (or being expected to), but I'll happily spend some dosh on whatever junk catches her eye as a memento."

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The old switcharoo.

"Keep telling her about my roommate and how I want her to meet him. When she gets to my place its my kitten. Works 100% of the time."
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Back to basics

"Initiate hand holding to break the contact barrier than make my way from there. Judging the situation as it goes.

Also trying to make them laugh.