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Munchie meals, milk shakes, and curly fries, oh my! Jack in the Box meets all of your late-night and fast food needs. Seriously, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner...and they are known for their late business hours in addition to their delicious menu. What they are less known for, which is criminal, is their excellent Twitter account. Here are some of the best Jack in the Box tweets from the extraordinarily hilarious Jack in the Box Twitter account.

Jack in the Box delivers tweet after tweet, and none of them disappoint. From witty phrases, to very original vine videos, their social media game is as fresh as their food. Seriously, in 140 characters or less they will keep you hungry for more and more content. Eating their tacos while scrolling down their Twitter feed is highly recommended.

Jack in the Box makes a point to tweet and retweet its fans on a regular basis, and has racked up nearly 12k tweets! Here are just 27 of their best!
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What the World Is Thinking

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Star Wars Would Be Proud

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Mind Blown

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Facebook Should Look into Adding This

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They Aren't Scared to Call You Out

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A Netflix Original Series

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They Aren't Afraid to Get Political

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They Post Polls for the People