Politician The Best Official Democratic Candidates for 2016

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List Rules Officially declared candidates only. Vote for the most viable Democratic presidential candidates running for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

The race for the next President of the United States has begun and Democratic hopefuls have started announcing their official bids for the 2016 presidential election. Some Democratic presidential candidates, like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are veterans of the campaign trail, whereas others, like former Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley, are using their fresh ideas to attract voters.

Each candidate has their own set of challenges. While Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner out of all the democrats running for president, she has been in the public eye the longest and is open to the most criticism. The other candidates are tasked with quickly introducing themselves to voters who may know little about them.

Included on this list are all current candidates and the details about their announcements and political platforms, as well as links to their campaign websites. Vote for the best Democratic candidates for the 2016 Presidential election and for a look across the aisle, check out this list of Republican candidates.
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