Restaurant Ranking the Most Delicious Plates of Fast Food Loaded Fries

Luke Y Thompson
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Canada may have made poutine a national dish, but here in the US, we're no slouches at making french fries way more awesome by piling even more delicious stuff on top, and yes, most of it is in some kind of dairy or meat product. Who makes the best loaded fries? Surprisingly, lead fast food chain McDonald's isn't especially on the ball in this regard, but there are numerous others to pick up the cheesy, meaty, loaded fries goodness slack. Chili cheese fries are just the beginning - there is some crazy, belly-busting creativity in the field of loaded potatoes. Some of these fry dishes are retired, others on hiatus, and one even preparing to make a big debut. Don't eat them all at once, but if you love your taste buds, definitely give them all a try.
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